I encountered another vending first this weekend doing a nearby local show selling the photography. There was a beautiful young blonde girl in the booth who said she’d take a canvas off the wall. I told her to pick out her two free 12x16s that go with it and waited on someone else while she did. At checkout, I showed her the total on the iPad of $195 plus tax. She then said she thought the price marked had read $19.50!
I mark all the prices as the number with a dash following, like 195-. Good grief, it seems hard to believe someone could be that stoned that early in the morning, or was she not quite awake?
She then decided to go with only the two 12x16s, but even that was too much at 49 for the pair. Then we’re down to a single for 40. At that point she changed the one she wanted entirely and balked at 40! I let her have it for 30 and got a sale, which is the entire point of my being at the show. Not a problem.
I didn’t get angry with her at all, I just let it unfold. It was okay. It was only people being people, and I hope she’ll improve with age and nothing bad happens to her.
This encounter was like a squirrel going back and forth unpredictably in front of an oncoming car.
I swear you could vend for a hundred years and always see something new. All you have to do is wait.


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