Here is a small sample of my fine art photography work to look through. As you can see, there is a fair range to it. There are images of horses, junk, abstracts, railroads, abandonments, natural landscapes, farms, night photography, pianos, panoramas, and more. Beyond the color images, some pictures have been created in black and white infrared too.

I’ve also taken thousands of pictures of many topics for stock photography that have gone into magazines, texts, and online. It’s been around the world, but that’s different than fine art photography and out of place here. Occasionally, I also enjoy the business and artistic challenges of doing commercial photography and work for hire with business owners.

How did all of that happen? Quite simply, I’ve been very captivated by all aspects of photography. I still am, even after doing it as a full-time pro for two decades. It’s still exciting to shoot, fun to work up digital imagery, and I always love a photographic challenge that gets the juices flowing.

There are some good side benefits too. Being a rambler, photography is a great excuse just to go somewhere. Being creative, it’s also a great chance to express and share. And I love learning steadily in something I enjoy. All in all, I’ve been very fortunate to find my spot in this world and do it for a living, even if it is rather demanding.

I’ve found that people always like to hear a story to go with the visual one; they enjoy a little more illumination and I’m just the guy to tell it. There’s always more to tell than the picture alone. In reality, adding a written creative story is my adult version of grade school show and tell. The writing is ongoing but many of the pictures throughout the site have one.

You can click on any image on this page to see it larger and read the story or go explore all the galleries. You can also go to theĀ FAQ section for more information about me or read current happenings or thoughts in the blog. If you would like a great way to connect with me, you can have the monthly newsletter of images and stories delivered to your inbox by signing up at the bottom of any page. If you truly enjoy one of the pictures here and want it for your own, I’d be happy to create a print on paper, canvas, or gloss metal and send it to you. Better yet, everything here ships free!

I welcome you…and thanks for being here ~Andy Dierks, Altoona PA


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