My interest in abstract photography came out of a fascination with colorful abstract painting, so it was only natural to give it a go with a camera. I really enjoy the possibilities of color, shape, and flow. I also love the randomness and in-the-moment quality while doing the actual creating. It can be fascinating photo fun to make something unique, original, and pretty far out of the box.

Somewhat like abstract painting itself, abstract photography can be very hit or miss. And being mostly miss means it’s never a sure thing. There have been quite a few images that never worked out, but the ones that have can be very satisfying!

This gallery collection was created with subjects like agate rocks, liquids, and decorative glass such as fancy paperweights. Most often used were microlenses and some trick lighting setups used to coax out some depth when needed. Other times, a regular lens was used outdoors as with the colorful theater neon in the black of night.

Abstract photography has been a very fun challenge to attempt something out of the usual approaches. Random chance can easily play into some of the work, particularly with liquids for instance. But chance is the beautiful fulcrum when creating abstracts. I enjoy the immediacy of being at the edge moment of making something unusual and different mostly out of nothing…or not. If not, then I’ve just kept going!

All the abstract images are available on paper, canvas, or stunning metal with the usual free shipping.

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