Barns and Farms

The countryside and farming landscape filled with farms and barns pulls me much more than urban places. In fact, there is far more rural America than urban, and I’ve seen my fair share of those two lane blacktop roads. They are a mobile place to be that I’ve always enjoyed.

Barns and farms are mainstays of the rural landscape, of course. But underneath those countryside views are places whole families have lived and worked together. Those people are connected neighbors to many other farming families just like them, earning a living from the land.

Rural America is not just long histories of life on those family farms. It is also about the wide line of honest work that runs right through the middle of it. There’s always been a lot to do working and living on a farm. Farmers have a wide skill set and have to handle whatever the market and nature throws at them. Many of these countryside images may look peaceful enough, but there is always a lot going on every day of the year on a farm.

Farms always have a centerpiece and that’s the barn. They come in all sizes, shapes, and colors according to purpose and design. There are even a few round ones. I like to look over barns in the way they lie in the landscape and how the silos, sheds, and farmhouses sit with them as a composition. Many farms can be very scenic and I never tire of them. I hope you’ll enjoy these rural America images too.

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Barns And Farms Photos

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