Barns and Farms

The countryside and the lay of land in rural America pulls me much more than urban places. Naturally, that includes the barns and farms out through our extensive landscape…in fact, there is far more rural America than urban.

Farms are where whole families have lived and worked together as connected neighbors to many others just like them, earning a living from the land. There are not only long histories of life on those farms, but it is also about a life of honest work and a lot of it. Many may look peaceful enough, but there is always a lot going on every day of the year.

Farms always have a centerpiece and that’s the barn. They come in all sizes, shapes, and colors according to purpose and design. There are even round ones. I like to look over barns in the way they lie in the landscape and how the silos, sheds, and farmhouses sit with them like a composition, and many can be very scenic.

All the images are available on paper, canvas, and metal.

More Barns and Farms Photographs