Black And White

Modern black and white photography is a different view of the usual world in a new and totally fascinating way. Entering another dimension is easily done this way and I really like to have some photographic fun. Black and white also shows a subject in the most simple terms of shape and shading.

In this gallery, most of the black and white images have been created in infrared. Instead of a color image of a typical landscape, infrared creates another world altogether from what might have been only average. In my opinion, this can be rather magical.

For me, it’s been a great photographic rabbit hole to fall into. I generally carry both a color camera and an infrared converted camera, most often shooting with both as I go. I love to see the difference between the two approaches. Creating images this way can be very artistic and revealing, and what shooter doesn’t like that? Black and white is also a great way to focus upon a subject in a basic way of just shape and shade.

The most notable differences with infrared images are the green foliage going white with blue skies and water going black. I use a special camera converted to do this along with a range of filters to change the depth of the IR effect. Some images here are not infrared, but now you have the knowledge to find which ones are not.

Further, the funny skeleton images here were done just for a laugh but look very good as a black and white image. That style suits the subject and adds to it, but the humor remains colorful.

All the images in these galleries are available on paper, canvas, or super high gloss with the usual free shipping.

Black And White Pictures

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