Churches of all kinds are everywhere, but what I’ve usually looked for is the rural county church which is often sitting empty, but not always. Some have had their congregations for many generations and sometimes the nearby churchyards have the gravestones to prove it.

Rustic character from age and a countryside setting down some back road is the most interesting to me. Also interesting, some of these churches are so old they were built from logs by the people who settled the land. One shown here is over 200 years old.

A few of the country churches here were barely hanging on when I photographed them. In fact, one was torn down only a week after I visited. They are indeed slowly disappearing one by one, no doubt.

The exception in this gallery is the large cathedral in Altoona PA, photographed at night under a large full moon. It’s shown in two ways, one in varied colors from the different light sources around it, and the other in black and white.

All the images are available as matted prints, canvas, or as super high gloss. As always, shipping is free to the USA. ~Andy

Church Pictures

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