I enjoy sculpture which led me to haunt cemeteries with a camera although I am certainly not made of ectoplasm, nor am I looking for any, either. This shooting was done partly through the years of travel doing art shows in cities in other states. My path into cemeteries was looking for angel statues at first, but it grew to include other graveyard things such as headstones, mausoleums, and landscape views. You see an interesting shot, you take it.

It was only sometimes a little creepy and other times beautifully stunning. I certainly found a lot of variety and beauty in the sculpture and other things that were found there.  Oddly enough, other than museums and a few parks, cemeteries can be a good place to see interesting pieces of well-wrought 3D art. It can be remarkable with a lot of variety. Some city cemeteries are loaded with sculpture while country graveyards and churchyards rarely have any, but the rural views in and around them can be restful, so to speak.

This gallery plainly isn’t for everyone and certainly not intended to be macabre, but there are some beautiful sights to see in cemeteries. All of this grew from a little dogleg path through a side interest of mine, looking for angels in stone.

All images are available on paper, canvas, or metal.

Cemetery Pictures

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