Funny Skeletons

Jake McCall and his friends live in a town called Afterlife. Being freed from the burdens of living, Afterlife is where they go through eternity in The After having fun and doing the things they enjoy. They are rather typical skeletons living in a typical ghost town for the rest of evermore. As you will see, living in the town of Afterlife in The After is much like the way you and I live now in our world, The Before.

From work to leisure, there isn’t that much difference between here and there. Living in Afterlife, there is plenty to do for any man or woman who likes to get out and around. Clearly, that’s a great situation when you have a lot of time to kill, particularly of the eternal variety. The town of Afterlife is a wonderful place to permanently retire if you want it to be.

Obviously, this collection of skeleton pictures and the accompanying stories are entirely made up. They’re just for fun and hopefully, worth a laugh to you through the dark humor and whimsy of it all. In other words, these spooks are for entertainment purposes only and hopefully offer a simple laugh at our very human selves.

For those who wonder: no, I didn’t use a real skeleton. But I did use a good dose of real imagination, an oxymoron that stands as a clear contradiction of terms. Life, or even time spent later living in Afterlife, is no fun at all without imagination and it was fun for the sake of fun creating this project.

For those who wonder even further, why was this skeleton project even done at all? Well, why not? I say who doesn’t need a laugh served with a side of silliness?

Photographically, most of the images were made with a special infrared camera that makes black and white pictures. That seemed a good fit to portray dark humor. Some were also made in black and white with a regular camera, and still others were done in the usual way, in color.

I hope you have fun with these skeleton pictures and enjoy them as much as I did creating them. Quality prints are available for all the pictures as super high gloss laminates, canvas, or matted metallic paper. ~Andy

Funny Skeleton Pictures

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