Horses as photo art is a specialty here. I love nearly all horses and always will, even the nags. Mules and donkeys are my special favorites in the equine world too. Once horses get under your skin and into your life, they never really leave no matter how old you become. I and many others are proof of that.

I spent some of my work life in a boarding barn living immersed in horses and everything equine every day, all day. You can see where my connection to those animals would be deep. To this day, I still get an instant thrill walking into a barn filled with the deep, visceral smell of hay and horses. There’s nothing quite like being nickered hello by twenty stalled horses when you go into the barn first thing in the morning! It’s a pretty special moment in the horse world.

From being with only one group of horses at the boarding barn, today I go to other barns to make horse photos and sometimes ride. It’s been great to get to know other horses and meet horse people as I’ve gone along. For always, I’ll truly appreciate the sharing of their time, animals, and friendship that helped add images to the portfolio along with some good memories as well. Special, again.

I enjoy making horse art from photography in hot summer pastures to deep cold in winter snow and all points in between. I’ve loved being part of the horse world. Over time, many of these images and others created specifically for publishing have been printed in equine calendars and magazines around the world. In the fine art side of things, many of my horse photos hang in plenty of homes and offices.

Being with and photographing horses has always been a great pleasure for me and I hope you enjoy these galleries as I still do.  As usual, the pictures are available on paper, canvas, or metal with free shipping.

Horse Pictures

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