I’ve visited many junkyards both large and small. My footsteps have gone through farmer’s barnyards with a few rusty relics sitting scattered in the weeds, to 300 acre fields of high grass, hot rusty metal, and hungry ticks. It’s always been a fun adventure and some enjoyable open-ended exploration. You never know what you’ll find. I always enjoy seeing old vehicles in a historical way, but I also get to make artwork from them for the present. Let me share them here with you.

Most junkyards are full of cars and pickup trucks just as you’d expect. However, some of the coolest junk collections were the unusual ones. I’ve visited a yard entirely of old truck tractor-trailers in the weeds and another of nothing but heavy cranes. The most unusual was a densely packed scrap metal yard with airplanes mixed in with anything else made of metal you could imagine. Probably the best was an old car junkyard with over 4000 cars, none newer than 1972…the Smithsonian of automotive junk, for certain.

I’ve got a thing for all transportation history which includes the cars and pickup trucks in this gallery. Certainly, trains are included too, with a railroad gallery of their own. In fact, all of this began years ago as a kid seeing trains go by as well as enjoying the different styles of cars, and it never really left me.

I enjoy visiting old junkyards way in the way back and discovering things in the rusty relic realm. I get a kick out of a rusty patina with some original color showing through, a good hood ornament done in a bygone style, and some pockmarked chrome. It’s a good day in a junkyard with a camera when coming across some fascinating relic out in the weeds, like an old truck from the 1920s or some glitzy old car from the 1950s covered in still-shiny chrome.

Need a part? After all these travels in the mechanical outback, I can easily say it’s probably out there somewhere.

All these pictures are available on paper, canvas, or super high gloss with the usual free shipping to the USA. ~Andy

Junkyard Photos

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