Doors and Windows

With any building, either old or new, it’s often the doors and windows that give a building most of its character.  Much of what’s interesting is in the details and I’ve always enjoyed focusing on doors and windows with a camera. The more rustic charm, the better.

Rustic charm often means old architectural styles with weathered wood and faded paint, and sometimes even busted glass too. Places that are fading away a long way from their original heyday, if there was ever a heyday at all.

“If walls could talk” is a phrase all of us have heard, and the same can easily apply to old doors and windows. Who walked through those doors in their daily lives and what was seen through the glass? All a visitor can do is wonder, there is no answer.

But what there is to experience in the present is the worn character and ambiance of an old passageway or window. Peeling paint, falling muntins, and discolored glass tell a story, and an old doorknob turned thousands upon thousands of times is still there waiting for the next hand. Will it be yours?

Door And Window Pictures

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