Once you could find wooden pianos just about anywhere, but not so much nowadays. Baby grands, little spinets, and the upright have been replaced by much smaller, lighter, and fully-featured digital instruments, and some keyboard facsimiles are even playable on a simple tablet screen.

What becomes of those bulky and very heavy acoustic pianos which are so hard to dispose of? If they aren’t gathering dust in the living room unused, many times they are abandoned somewhere or simply left behind when a family moves.

Sometimes pianos are left out outside using the good old dump and run technique in some out of the way place. Over time in the weather, the veneer begins to peel, brown wood goes gray, and a white keyboard can be like bleaching white bones as the whole thing splits apart. It is then the day the old, fully manual music dies, one piano at a time.

I hope you enjoy this little favorite niche effort of mine. All the images are available on paper, canvas, or metal.

Piano Pictures