This gallery is dedicated to special places, things, or abandoned locations. In common, they mainly share age, nostalgia, and a sense of history. Basically, this is cool old stuff to share with you that was worth a picture to satisfy my history jones.

Some are still in regular use but certainly look that way from lack of attention. The old high school that went out of service nearly forty years ago is a good example. It isn’t entirely abandoned having a single part-time caretaker but others have lost theirs completely and are truly abandoned.

Some are kept up with but almost never improved. They remain simply suspended as a museum of sorts, such as the Eastern State Penitentiary which is considered a stabilized ruin. If something goes to fall, it gets shored up.

Other subjects in this gallery group are gone or nearly so, like the old fashioned gas pumps and the branded stations they served. Because the pumps have been collected so heavily over past decades, nowadays they’re rarely found in the wild if at all. Send me a note if you know of any, thanks.

In this gallery, there are places that were photographed just before they were about to change, such as the old school Lakemont Amusement Park. I got special permission to shoot the antique rides before a refit and renovation began. In fact, I never trespass and always try to get permission whenever possible.

All images here are available on paper, canvas, or metal with the usual free shipping.

Pictures Of Places

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