I’ve enjoyed all things railroad since I was a little kid fascinated by the trains that went right beside my grandmother’s house years ago. They were huge and I was small. They were a daily presence that came and went which left a big impression with their size and power moving across the land. Over time as an adult, that early fascination led to creating a lot of train pictures!

Railroad and train pictures also fit right along with the other transportation and historical interests here. Naturally so, they’re a large shared part of our common American background. Our country was blessed with abundant natural resources and trains moved them to market along with all the human resources as well. Our world could never have been the same without railroads to tie us all together. Early on, they did it with the power of steam engines far more efficiently than the canals that preceded them.

Out of all transportation means, railroad history shows the framework of what built this country. This collection of railroad history in photographs includes old steam engines pulling vintage cars with all the drama of high rising smoke and steam, diesel and electric locomotives, static displays of interesting old railroad equipment, and images of old trolleys. Along with all the railroad history, there are some train images of modern commercial railroading too. As with all the photos here, these train pictures are available on paper, canvas, or metal with free shipping.

More Railroads Photographs

Strasburg Railroad

Virginia Transportation Museum

The Virginia Transportation Museum is in the railroad town of Roanoke, Virginia. That town is home to the original Norfolk and Western that eventually became Norfolk Southern, so it's fitting to have a facility about railroad history there. The museum is also home to the O.Winston Link black and white photography collection of N&W steam locomotives in action, a special piece of transportation history.

Abandoned Trolleys

Cass Scenic Railroad

East Broad Top Railroad

Modern Railroads

Pennsylvania Railroad

Steam Into History - York PA

Western Maryland Scenic Railroad

Abandoned Railroads