Roads and Bridges

After spending quite a bit of time looking through a windshield in my life, I’ve seen a lot of highway. Being that the world isn’t dead flat, it’s been roads and bridges of every type with all the travel.

The most basic description of a road is an easy means to get somewhere without having to walk straight through the woods. But roads themselves can be the subject of attention too, camera attention. People often say to enjoy the journey, so these galleries are a rambling photographer’s way of doing just that.

My favorite road is a winding two-lane blacktop out through the mountains or cutting across beautiful farmland. As a result, I’m often taking the scenic route out of preference for pure, simple enjoyment and better scenery. Four lanes are great for getting somewhere quickly and sometimes go through some good scenery. For me, it’s usually just too darned fast. It’s when you exit and drive through the countryside slowly and close in that you’ll experience getting somewhere in a more satisfying way. The slower pace and the scenic route simply feels better, too. If you want to enjoy your journey, get off the big highway to slow it down when you can.

Roads can’t take us from A to B without having to go over or under something, which of course takes bridges. Man has always needed all kinds of roads and bridges. Through time, bridges have been made of stone, wood, iron, and concrete, or a combination of those. Most are made to drive over, others are only for feet and bicycles. Some bridges swing and most stay put. Some are rustic and slow like antique covered bridges, others are modern and sleek, and a few are worth taking a picture.

All the images here are available on paper, canvas, or metal with the usual free shipping.

Roads and Bridges Photos

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