Rocks And Agate

This gallery is about organic art created by Mother Nature herself. I’ve always found some rock and agate to be very intriguing and beautiful. So, being easily drawn to create using just these organic basics, I went to work in the studio. These organic art pieces drawn straight from the natural world are very tranquil and calming for many people.

Much of the natural world is beautiful and wondrous to me. Mother Nature has brought us the land and creatures, the ocean and shores, the rivers and trees. Underneath all life, there lies a base of rock and earth supporting all things which is seldom thought about. Most of it is rather pedestrian building block stuff like sandstone, limestone, and shales…the everyday rock.

But, the earth also provides a few other things far more interesting mixed in with the common. Rock like granite and agate, marble and crystal, gems, gold, silver, and an array of minerals, for instance. Conversely, consider the beauty of glass in all its man-made forms. It’s made from the most common of all things, simple basic sand from the earth, but glass doesn’t very often occur naturally.

Using rock to create organic art, a favorite of mine is flecked granite smoothed and tumbled by waves or moving streams. It can come in a range of many colors that come to life when wet. When dry, the strong underlying natural beauty is partly hidden yet some prefer the pastel look of dry rock. Some granite can be unique while being one of the more common bedrocks of the earth in many interesting varieties.

Being nature’s surprise packages in a plain wrapper, geodes yield agate, quartz, and other crystals and gems inside which can offer some real wonder and beauty in a wide variety. Surprisingly, nature creates geodes and the crystals within over time by simply filling voids inside volcanic or sedimentary rock. That means the beautiful things hidden inside come from absolutely nothing courtesy of Mother Nature’s hand. Obviously, it was the hand of an artist who created them.

Rocks and Agate Pictures

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