A sailboat on the open water of a lake or ocean can be a magical and enjoyable thing, something that can take us somewhere else physically but also mentally.  Pleasure craft are truly transportation for both the inside and out of a person. Further, a sailboat often moves in big spaces under big skies. Together, they can transform.

In the bigger picture, larger boats and ships can also bring us many things from other places as well and have for thousands of years around the world. Once early man learned about things that float, he was off and paddling, I am quite sure.

If water is something very important to people in the way it runs through all our lives in one way or another, people clearly also enjoy being on it. Humans are inseparable from water. For many, water and some kind of boat supplies us with a chance for fun along with the usual jobs that larger boats and ships do, such as moving goods for trade, exploration, and transportation.

In this gallery, I’ve gathered together some pictures of sailboats and other pleasure craft in beautiful places, mostly along the Great Lakes. There are even a few kayaks pictured here as well. This Boat Gallery also includes some commercial fishing trawlers, hard working boats that I find fascinating.

All the pictures are available in prints, including canvas and super high glass. As always, shipping is free to the USA! ~Andy

More Sailboats Photographs

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