Life is better with the landscape and lifestyle changes of the four seasons because there’s more to enjoy. Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring…hot to cold, water to ice, and many other differences you can think of. The seasons arrive regularly and change our lifestyle in what we do, our perceptions, and what we wear.

I enjoy the changes Winter snow brings, a personal favorite aside from shoveling out vehicles, and Fall does wonderful artistic work to the landscape. Summer delivers the lush green mountains and woods I love to be in, and after a drab brown time often with much mud, Spring comes on quickly with the great green renewal. The cycle has begun again.

It’s a world of variety in most temperate climates because of the seasons. Simply dress for the weather and get out there. You always have the chance to enjoy everything Mother Nature provides, who awaits you outside.

These images are available on paper, canvas, or metal.

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