Fall, or the Autumn season, is the last great show of Mother Nature before shutting down for a rest over Winter. That’s her sleep time. But beforehand, she’s Cinderella at the ball while showing off her leaf colors for the season.

In a good year, Fall leaves can be great for about two weeks, give or take. The season’s color can vary and often does depending on several things like rainfall and how cold the nights are. But it’s mostly the length of day that signals the trees to begin to change.

As a photographer selling his artwork, usually I’d be very busy through the leaf time exhibiting at shows every weekend, one after the other. But with all of them canceled during the pandemic in 2020, I made full use of the time to gather plenty of Fall pictures.

Actually, most of the pictures in this gallery are very recent because of that. And fortunately, it was a stellar season for Fall leaves here in central Pennsylvania.

Colorful things happen first with a few vines and then the maple trees take over with their vibrant leaf color in mainly yellow, orange, and scarlet red. In a way, they can almost be like a frozen fireworks display and they are the star of the Autumn show.

Other trees and bushes soon join in until most leaves have fallen. Things will generally end with the oaks going a golden toasty brown and the wispy limbs of the beech going yellow out through the woods. They hang and float there seemingly without any support.

Fall Landscape Pictures

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