Winter Snow

When winter snow falls, it changes the world into something entirely different: magical winter white. In just a short while, a drab winter landscape can be transformed into something special and that’s the highlight of the season.

Winter snow changes everything about our surroundings. Aside from the appearance, even the smell is very different…clean, crisp, and clear. Likewise, the sound of the world is modified, muffled and toned by the sound-absorbing snow. It’s a brand new world for a little while, thanks to Mother Nature in her sleepy season.

People and their everyday habits are changed by it as well. Allowances need to be made to get things done, and of course, newly fallen winter snow means getting out the snow shovel. Happy kids off from school have every reason to go outside and simply play.

New winter snow also gives me plenty of reason to take the cameras and thermos of coffee down the road to somewhere scenic. Every common scene has transformed into something interesting worth seeing and contemplating all over again. Like those happy kids in the snow, my being out in new snow is a happy place too. It’s as much playing as the chance to find a great scene for a photographer.

Overall, nearly everything in our existence is made new by winter snow. From that thought, I’d like to say it is more renewal than anything else. That’s what makes it welcome, wonderful, and a relief for the soul of sorts. At the bottom of things, we all like a change once in a while.

To photograph these scenes meant many enjoyable hours of simply being out there with a camera and many wonderful things were seen. I hope you enjoy the fruits of those travels too. All the pictures are available as super high gloss, stretched canvas, or matted prints with the usual free shipping. ~Andy

Winter Snow Pictures

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