The ever-changing sky is Mother Nature’s theater and a gift to all of us. Any sunrise or sunset is even better over a great landscape and above water, they are incomparable. Every color imaginable will eventually appear in the sky even if you have to wait to see it.

The atmosphere and the heavens are always above every day without fail, so it’s easy to pay attention. Any time you have a view toward sunset, pause and enjoy the scenery. Just look up and take it in; a sunset or sunrise can change very quickly too. It’s very special when Mother Nature decides to paint a temporary masterpiece on just a canvas of simple air above us.

What is above always affects those who live below. A stunning sky can lift the spirits with beauty and color; angry tumbling clouds and wind can make one think of being inside for shelter. Gray overcast without sunlight makes a day that seems to have a damper on it. More than any other aspect of nature, the sky easily invokes the widest range of human emotion.

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Sky Pictures

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