Statue Of Liberty in Pennsylvania

There are two Statue of Liberty monuments in this country and both hold a torch aloft in one hand and the book of law in the other. However, this miniature Statue of Liberty, the symbol of freedom, stands tall on an old bridge pier in the Susquehanna River at Dauphin Pennsylvania, just upriver from Harrisburg PA.

The three images in this gallery were shot with a drone flying out above the river. Realistically, it’s the only way to get a good photograph of her. Sitting in a boat on the river isn’t the right shooting angle at all. And she can’t be seen very well from either shore. Both viewpoints are dangerous too: stopping on the very busy highways that line the river to gawk is very risky, and she stands in the middle of the Maryville rapids which are known to be perilous.

Consequently, flying a camera out over the river was the only way to get these pictures other than renting a helicopter. Like most people, I’ve enjoyed seeing our Pennsylvania Statue of Liberty on that river perch through my years of travel down that way. But now, there are these close-in photographs, not to mention the scenic river views.

These striking Statue of Liberty pictures are offered on stretched canvas as a large 20×36 or a small 10×18. I keep one hanging here in the studio too. I hope you enjoy them as well…free shipping to the US and Canada. ~Andy

Statue Of Liberty Pictures

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