Water attracts all people and runs completely through everyone and the entire world we live in. Being the most common thread of all to every person here on Earth, water is simply everywhere throughout every life. We can’t be without it, our great sustainer.

We are drawn to the sound of water flowing and most times, we like how it feels when we’re in it. We take it inside us for a cool drink or a hot coffee. It can take us places as we float upon it. Further, water also feeds us with the creatures and plants that live in it. Arguably, full moons seem to cause odd behavior because we are over ninety percent water.

Water as scenery is another interesting matter and we often enjoy that too. Once again, it’s common to most everyone. How many of us like to have time away from it all along a stream or a lake? Or find ourselves calmed sitting beside a waterfall?

I’ve gathered images of water in every natural instance both still and moving and still go out looking for more. It’s a powerful draw photographically. This gallery has streams and rivers, lakes and ponds, waterfalls, and the beaches and waves of the ocean. I’ve included many of the things around those places too. All in all, just being near water is always calming and satisfying, always easy enough reason to be there.

All the images here are available on paper, canvas, and metal with the usual free shipping.

Water Pictures

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