Great Lakes

The Great Lakes region has an endless variety of coastlines and beaches, far more than most ocean areas. Traveling through as a photographer, I’ve seen and photographed white sand beaches, towering sand dunes, rocky cliffs at the water’s edge, and everything in between. Scenic is the word to easily describe the Great Lakes region.

There were remote beaches in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula far from any human presence other than myself, and others that were piled with immense piles of driftwood. Everywhere, forests, some dotted with farms. In other places along the shores of the Great Lakes, small to medium towns and large cities were at the other extreme. The region runs from very sparse with nothing but trees to full-on modern and bustling.

And not far from any of it lie the immense lakes and a lot of water. It’s hard to imagine how much shoreline there actually is around the lakes. In fact, Michigan alone has more lighthouses than any other state in the country.

I have photographed anything to do with water throughout my career so it’s easy to understand the draw with all the scenic variety. I hope you enjoy the images of things brought back from the far corners around the lakes. Prints are available and shipping is free!


Great Lakes Pictures

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