There are plenty of wonderful things in nature but nothing as magical as a waterfall. People are easily drawn to them. They seek them out nearly anywhere and everywhere, and each one is different.

One of the most enjoyable things about waterfalls is simply the sound of falling water. Aside from a flowing stream, a waterfall is the best place to take in the sound of water music, music played by Mother Nature herself for those who live in her world.

Waterfalls can be anywhere, but to hear water music out in the woods amongst the trees is especially good. If a spirit needs calming, that’s the place to find a slice of serenity and peace. A waterfall doesn’t have to be dramatic to do this to a person, just sit and listen. Let it take over.

When photographing waterfalls, many times I’ve gone on overcast days and even in the rain. That’s better, the light is more even and the flow more full. The wet woods just adds something to the experience, especially in Fall.

As always, it’s been special to be out there taking in a little serenity and peace. I hope you enjoy this collection as much as I have while out there gathering it. All the pictures are available on paper, canvas, or super high gloss along with free shipping. ~Andy

Waterfall Pictures

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