The ever changing sky is Mother Nature’s theater and a gift to all of us. It’s even better over a great landscape, especially at sunrise and sunset. It’s always there every day without fail, so its easy to pay attention. Any time you have a clear view, pause and enjoy the scenery if you can.

A stunning sky can carry lift the spirits with beauty; an angry tumbling sky can make one think of shelter and safety. More than most other aspects of nature, the sky invokes the widest range of human emotion.

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Clouds and Cloudscapes
Sunsets and Sunrises
Wind Power
  • Godsend #09830
  • Clouds and Sky From an Observation Deck #10728
  • Clouds and Sky From an Observation Deck #10727
  • Infinity #14311
  • Black Lace #02304
  • Serenity in Pink #12017
  • Crack The Sky #14248
  • Sunset Glow #14331
  • One Fine Morning #14330
  • Evening Sky #14249
  • Seventh Day #05133
  • Dream Of The Sky #13310
  • Purple Veil Morning Sky #13127
  • Passage #09284
  • Fire Sky #09286
  • Wind Turbines on Farmland Hills #13975
  • Wind Turbines on Farm Land Hills #14025
  • Basketweave #14047
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