Water attracts all people and runs through us all. It is common to every person here on Earth. We like how water looks sounds, and feels. We take it inside us enjoying a cool glass to drink or a cup of hot tea or coffee. Full moons seem to cause odd behavior as we are over ninety percent water. Water is simply everywhere throughout our lives.

Water as scenery is another interesting matter and we can see water in a variety of ways. These galleries have streams and rivers, lakes and ponds, and the beaches and waves of the ocean can’t be forgotten.


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Great Lakes
Lakes and Ponds
Pictured Rocks
Streams and Rivers
Watkins Glen
  • Bridge Across Stream in Fall Forest #13288
  • Infinity #14311
  • Serenity in Pink #12017
  • OBX Beach Fence #10339
  • Deep Blue #10015
  • Sea Shells on Black Pebble Background #13828
  • Trio Green #13830
  • Sea Shells on Black Stone Background #13826
  • Aquarian Touch #10021
  • Blue Bayou, Sleeping Bear Dunes #10229
  • Getaway #10392
  • Rocky Inlet #10248
  • Rocky Beach #10175
  • Beginning of Time #10173
  • Rocky Inlet 1 #09905
  • Surf and Sun #10572
  • Path To The Beach #11102
  • Lake Michigan Silence #10268
  • Seagull Glide #11201
  • Lake Ledges #14236
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