A Day At the Lake #14527

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The Story

Just ask Jake, there’s nothing like a day off to go fishing and relax by the water. It’s a great day to be outdoors angling off the dock at Long Gone Lake, the scenic centerpiece of Rock Bottom State Park. When you find yourself spending eternity living in the Town of Afterlife, things are pretty good with a great place like this nearby on a sunny summer day.

As usual, a bamboo pole and an old straw hat have the best overall fishing mojo for a day at the lake. When you don’t have all that much left to work with, it’s wise to take along all the old-school lucky charm help you can get. The fish won’t know what hit ’em.

Sporting stylish sunglasses along with that favorite straw fishing hat, this skeleton fishing holds up his catch with a grin. Of course, there’s the obviously underfed stray cat angling to get his claws on the prize. Even cats who have run out of nine lives have a place to go in Afterlife.

With plentiful small fish hanging out in the shade under the dock, Jake has his prime fishing spot right over the side railing, easy-peasy. It’s one crappy crappie caught one after another although the little fish somehow always seem to run a bit thin. It might take more than a few to make a sammitch, so let’s hope they keep biting!

Pretty soon though, it will come time for Jake to go back to work at one of his part-time jobs. Valet Service #14525 shows him working the valet gig at the Highway To Hell Hotel in Afterlife. It’s that funky place on the right down Rt 666 heading out of town. And he’ll likely have a couple of crappie sammitches in his lunchbox, too.

Location: A skeleton fishing at Long Gone Lake, Rock Bottom State Park, near the Town of Afterlife. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks



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