A Day At the Lake #14527

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The Story

Here’s a vacation shot of Jake’s day at the lake fishing from the dock with a bamboo pole, a skeleton of sporting leisure wearing Ray-Bans and a straw hat. He’s grinning and holding up his catch while a hungry and obviously underfed scavenging cat has his eye on the prize too. All in all, it was another good day outdoors in the afterlife.

This shot was rigged up using tie wraps and a lot of strings that were later removed in Photoshop, but it took some finagling and creative engineering for my brother and I to finally get the skeleton set to have his picture taken. To add to the effect, this was photographed using a special infrared camera with a black and white filter that turns foliage white and blue skies dark. We got more than a few sideways looks from the few other real live fishermen there that day…

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