A Day To Ride #14492

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The Story

In the relative darkness of the barn, a silhouetted girl and horse are getting ready to go horseback riding. The horse’s ears are perked up as she talks to her favorite ride. it’s easy to tell the horse is just as interested to go as she is. Naturally, all creatures love to get out and go, especially a girl and her horse.

The horse has just come out of his stall on the left. Soon, she’ll turn the horse and put him into the crossties to saddle up, throwing on a saddle blanket and an old comfortable trail saddle. Every move the horse makes sends the sound of metal horseshoes on cement echoing around the barn.

It’s a very beautiful summer day, one that calls for time in nature and horseback riding trails out through the Big Green. That landscape can be seen out through the barn door, glowing under the warm sunlight outside. This girl and her horse will have a great day out there on the trails along streams and through the leafy woods.

In spite of this picture being mostly silhouette, that warmth reflects on the wooden stalls lining the barn. The cement floor of the horse stable stays cool being set into the earth and reflects some of the sky blue cool too.

Here’s another view out the same barn door of another girl brushing out her white stallion. It’s called Getting Pretty #14076.

Location: near Hollidaysburg, Blair County, Pennsylvania. Picture and story ©Andrew Dierks

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