A Good Joke #14627

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The Story

Want to know how to make a horse laugh? Just tell it a good joke! I wanted to present this image just for the fun, but also to show that anything can happen on the in-betweens of the shots you’re actually trying to get! So, when it comes to photographing horses, or people big and small for that matter, always be ready.

The back story: we were trying to get a nice clean portrait of the two together when suddenly the stallion let out a very loud search call for other horses to hear, and yes, it is loud as hell especially when standing this close! All four of us working close in here simply cracked up, but the horse was just being a horse and he had something to say!

The fun part of the image is that the horse looks like he’s laughing right along with us. That’s his platinum tail swishing behind him.

Location: Franklin County, Pennsylvania

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