Azure Breeze #09815

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The Story

Light summer breezes under azure blue skies enhance the scenic farming landscape of an Amish farm. Surrounded by a cornfield with ripening yellow-green tassels, the scene is clearly tranquil. Not surprisingly, quiet scenes like this are often good for the mind and soul.

High flying and wispy clouds hang high above on this fair-weather day. In fact, the clouds make up most of this summer scene. Sometimes called mare’s tails, this type of cloud can often resemble the flying tail of a running horse.

Photographs can’t offer sound and smell, so let me tell you more. Standing along the narrow two-lane country road, I could easily hear birdsong both near and far. There was also the never-ending hum and buzz of insects. Not surprisingly out in the country, the summer air was clear, clean, and warm. There was almost a sweetness to it, like smelling the actual fertility of this farming landscape and the very dirt itself. More tranquility, yes.

Location: Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks

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