Barn Dance #13073

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The Story

I’ve always enjoyed shooting these barn door silhouettes of horse and rider at a nearby riding stable. The door at the end of the barn is large enough and acts as a stage of sorts, and opens onto the classic mountains of rolling Pennsylvania farm country landscape laid out beyond. Usually, just asking the person to move the horse around or perform a simple equine task such as saddling the horse or put on a halter is enough to generate interesting images. Being shot in silhouette, the impact and story are much stronger and often more clear. Many of these silhouette pictures have been licensed to publication and advertising.

This is my horse trainer friend Cindy and her white Arabian stallion, Solly, who can be seen many times elsewhere in my work. I’ve always favored this image for it being a bit dance-like with a little elegance, and it shows a strong connection between horse and rider.

Location: Hollidaysburg, Blair County, Pennsylvania.

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