Basic Banking #15332

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The Story

Money isn’t of any worry at all in the Town of Afterlife; all of that is left behind when one passes into The After from The Before and probably thankfully so. If skeletons needed heat, and they don’t, they’d probably burn money. Even with all the eternal time available, there’s no time left for money concerns after passing from one realm to the next—nor much worry of any measure at all.

As for financial advisors, bankers, and psychiatrists, it looks like you’re out of luck and out of work if you move to Afterlife.

Somehow, this skeleton burying money has found a way to bring his stash of cold cash along from The Before and he’s in for a surprise when it suddenly vanishes into thin air!

Among a range of other unusual things, a situation called The Vanishing is one of the more peculiar things about this place called Afterlife. Money and wealth cease to exist there by simply fading away in short order! Stocks, bonds, cash, gold, property, status…poof, it’s gone! As an additional part of The Vanishing, every new skeleton spook arriving in Afterlife soon forgets about money and wealth in the way squirrels forget where they’ve buried their nuts.

But this newly arrived skeleton burying money is about to try and start a new savings account anyway in the First National Underground Bank of Dirt. Of course, you can’t keep it even if you do find a way to get it to Afterlife. This might be the last he sees of his little hoard and he’ll forget about it soon enough. In Afterlife, there are no worries with a bank balance of zero and that’s the way the skeleton spooks living there seem to like it.

Location: doing some banking in the Town of Afterlife. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks


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