Bicycle Built For Boo #14528

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The Story

Coming back from the lake with his catch of one fish hanging on a homemade bamboo fishing pole, Jake stops for a cigar break and grins for the camera. It’s a great summer day to be out playing hooky, which Jake can do every single day now that he’s retired to the Town of Afterlife. Naturally, it goes without saying that no fisherman of leisure and style would be without a fedora and his Ray-Bone sunglasses.

This rusty bike is ancient and decrepit but goes along just fine on the streets and back roads around town. Somehow, this bicycle built for boo can do such things even with two flat and very rotten tires…spook power is most peculiar! But that’s how things work around Afterlife, just as you wouldn’t expect them to.

There is no one presently living in our world of The Before who really knows how things actually work in that strange place beyond known as The After, or even why skeletons might even go fishing at all with shades on in the first place. Besides, just imagine going through Eternity with nothing much to do.

Although Jake passed away over 100 years ago, did that stop this skeleton spook from smoking through eternity? Heck no! To each his own, now and forevermore. But even in eternity, one has to keep a lighter handy because those cheap Crypto-Nite cigars still go out constantly like they always have. Moreover, it’s hard to carry a lighter without pockets. Some things never change, no matter where you might live or haunt.

Location: coming back into the Town of Afterlife from the lake. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks


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