Bicycle Built For Boo #14528

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The Story

Coming back from the lake with his catch of one hanging on a homemade bamboo pole, Jake stops for a cigar break and grins for the camera. No fisherman of style would be without a fedora and his Ray-ban sunglasses. The rusty bike is ancient and decrepit but goes along fine on the back roads of the afterlife, somehow even with two flat rotting tires….very peculiar. No one really knows how things actually work in that strange world or why skeletons even go fishing with shades on…

This shot was precariously rigged up and balanced with some creative engineering using rebar posts, tie wraps, and string that were later removed in Photoshop. There were a lot of parts that wanted to be moving parts which of course had to be still for the camera. To add to the spooky effect, this skeleton and bike photograph was made using a specially modified infrared camera with a black and white filter that makes green foliage white.

Location: a front yard in Athens, Georgia. Picture and text © Andrew Dierks

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