Blue Bay #10229

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The Story

This view is high atop the 400-foot sand dunes at Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore overlooking Lake Michigan’s blue water into the horizon. From this height, it’s a long way to that horizon, dozens of miles out where the water meets the sky.

There are lots of footsteps through the yellow sand leading to the edge just out of sight, and there you can look down the very steep fall-off down to the water’s edge below. It’s about seventy degrees steep and a long way down. Warning signs are posted here telling you not to go down if you can’t climb back up, and I’m sure it’s a miserable hike back up through loose sand if it can be done at all. That’s something only for the very physically fit.

Nevertheless, it’s a great hike across the sand dunes at Sleeping Bear on a wooden boardwalk to reach this precipice with the long views all around. I found it well worth the walk to get this serene view on a good day like this one.

Location: Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore, Michigan. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks

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