Blue Hole #14604

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The Story

There isn’t anything else in the natural world much like agate in its wide variety of natural organic beauty. In this abstract art picture of a large cut and polished natural blue agate, blue and light blue are the main colors along with highlights of salmon orange. There is also a bit of lemon color and peach too. Open white quartz crystal shows as fractures. Adding interest, small feathered and wispy flaws weave their way across the colors in places if you look closely. All of this was done entirely by mother nature’s artistry in natural stone.

The blue agate slab I worked with was fairly large, about as big as a dinner plate. Using micro photography and special lighting techniques, including light through the one-inch stone from below, I slowly took the camera close-in all around the stone.  I was looking for artful scenes that had a sense of composition and interesting color. Things didn’t always work out, but some pictures like this one made some wonderful and colorful fine art abstract photography.

Aside from a fine art abstract as seen here, blue agate has been attributed with many healing powers by people through time, such as increasing intellect and luck. Other attributes have been calmness, focus, and insight. It’s all in what you believe I’d suppose, but I do know it can make some interesting and unusual artwork!

I’ve used other pieces of natural agate slices to create with. Following the links, you can see some interesting fine art abstracts done in warmer colors such as Burning Shores #14602 and Frozen Fire Sea #14605.

Location: created at the studio in Altoona, Blair County, Pennsylvania. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks

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