Blue Revolution #14716

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The Story

Reaching for the blue skies of Spring, this amusement park Ferris wheel waits for another summer season to begin. It won’t be long until mild thrill-seekers arrive looking for a little fun and a little lift! For amusement park rides, weathering the elements and patience through the off-season is the name of the game.

The gondola cars haven’t been pulled from winter storage yet, so the Skydiver ride waits in the sun until then. Soon the maintenance crew will get them attached. Then with a little paint, grease, and a few trial runs, this Ferris wheel should be ready to go on smile-making missions.

Here it sits in bright sunlight, but an old-fashioned Ferris wheel is certainly fun to watch in lights against the black night sky!

Location: the Skydiver at Lakemont Park, Altoona, Blair County, Pennsylvania.

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