Bodie Island Lighthouse #15322

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The Story

The Bodie Island lighthouse stands under a late evening sky as the day’s light fades away accompanied by colorful banks of pink and light blue on the horizon. After decommissioning by the Coast Guard and being taken over by the National Park Service, the lighthouse is not lit in the tower unless it’s a special occasion. The traditional flashing light high in a lighthouse tower has been replaced by electronic means in the modern world. Nevertheless, the lighthouse is open for climbing.

The duplex lightkeeper’s house is today’s National Park Service office. Its windows seem to be lit, but it’s only the setting sun reflecting off the window glass.

Even during a colorful and peaceful sunset such as this, one might recall the powerful raging storms that have given this area of the ocean off North Carolina the name of “The Graveyard Of The Atlantic”. With a title such as that, it was clear there was a lighthouse needed here for the safety of both sailors and cargo.

Location: the Bodie Island Lighthouse near Nags Head North Carolina in the Outer Banks. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks

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