Branch Office #14212

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The Story

This old junker has been parked a very long time and it appears to be firmly rooted, so to speak. There is no doubt that any old car with a tree growing up through it will command a certain amount of attention. Oddly, enough, this large old junkyard had several examples of it!

There is some confusion as to what it is…a Dodge, a Pontiac, a 1934…who knows for certain, but there is no doubt where it is, and that is a corner of an old junkyard in Georgia, way off the beaten path.

Nowadays it is a deluxe penthouse for upper-crust squirrels who enjoy a radio, stick shift, and plush seats. The image was originally in color, but a conversion to black and white and a darkening of the sky let the branches stand out and more character bubble up to the surface. Using a wide-angle lens added to the strangeness, and just a tad of hand-tinting the rust back onto the car helped it stand out from the jungle. I’m glad to have captured this nugget from backwoods Americana…

Location: rural Bartow County, Georgia.

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