Breezin’ #14372

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The Story

This Arabian mare greatly loved running through the 28” of fresh snow. She went round and round the paddock, enjoying herself while ripping up Mother Nature’s perfect winter lay and making the powder snow smoke fly. This horse is showy to begin with, but her presentation that day was over the top! I was near the middle of the paddock with the camera and had three different backgrounds to shoot against as she ran. They were all different but equally good, but I prefer this view of snow covered trees in the wood line that compliment her beautiful rose gray coloring. She looks just right, right there. And I think she felt just right, too. If you’ve never seen a horse having a great time, this is it.

Like most horses, Allegra loves the snow and here she’s easily moving through the powder while high-flagging that Arabian tail. Although she had a large pasture to run, she made circles around me rather than go far off. This horse loves people and apparently the camera too. In every image I reviewed in the computer later, this true camera ham had her eye on me around every lap!

Every so often she would turn into me and stop and I’d get a big sloppy kiss from a sweaty horse…then off she’d go again! You gotta love her…

Location: Willow Hill, Franklin County, Pennsylvania.

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