Cold Kiss #09093

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The Story

In the afternoon light of an approaching winter sunset, a curious blanketed horse had come over to stand at the rails of a snow-covered fence on a briskly cold afternoon. He was just having a simple looky-loo at the guy sitting in his truck on the other side…something different than the usual winter pasture with bare trees all around. This big guy had been grazing through his snowy pasture and there was a wisp of snow on his muzzle, ready to give a cold kiss.

The narrow country road was right beside the fence line and this big blanketed horse came over to see what I was all about. But since all around but the road itself was private land with many expensive horses on it, there was a guard in his truck just down the road watching me watching him. I took this shot while turned ninety degrees in the seat of the stopped truck with my foot on the brake. Yes indeed, the heater was running on high!

The Winter Snow Horses gallery has many more horses in winter in it!

Location: rural Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks

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