Coming Through #15299

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The Story

On a foggy morning, East Broad Top #16 pulls a train from the south into Rockhill Yard past the railroad shops. White coal smoke from #16 trails behind and up into the heavens, mixing with the foggy gray atmosphere.

In this modern-day reenactment of the 1920s industrial age, this train is much like the coal trains the East Broad Top hauled back in the common carrier days that lasted until 1956. Short loaded coal trains of up to 22 hopper cars with a combine car on the end usually did the job. The train crews actually preferred the combine or other passenger cars to the usual caboose due to a far better ride.

The shop buildings beyond the train contained all the tools, materials, and know-how to keep this little narrow gauge railroad running. In fact, the East Broad Top was nearly self-sufficient throughout its many years of common carrier operation thanks to these shops and the skilled workmen who were employed there.

Location: a view into the 1920s industrial age at Rockhill Yard, Orbisonia, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks


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