Crystal Blue #14474

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The Story

Two summer sailboats gliding along in tandem on the waters of Lake Superior, a great way to spend an afternoon on a lazy day! Plain, pure, and easy. With this view, it’s rather easy to picture smooth sailing from here being pushed along by the easy-flowing wind. The white sails are full. They’re heading out onto Lake Superior with a lot of water ahead, and the low blue shore of Wisconsin lies in the background with nearly clear blue skies above.

One can wonder what two small summer sailboats traveling together into the big lake in tandem might mean, and where are they bound?

This was taken from shore very near the entrance of Duluth harbor in Minnesota within the Duluth city limits. The big laker boats travel in and out of this major Great Lakes port, sharing the water with these pleasure craft of all types. It’s quite a sight to see the huge lakers coming and going in remarkable contrast with these small sailboats. Obviously, the water traffic in the narrowing harbor has some serious rules to follow!

Location: Duluth, St Louis County, Minnesota. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks

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