CSX In Gold #10533

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The Story

A westbound CSX freight train weaves its way through the Pennsylvania countryside filled with colorful fall foliage bounty. Here, in particular, the tracks through this mainline railroad cut are lined by sugar maple leaves in vivid autumn gold.

This railroad mainline is an old one. These are the original Baltimore and Ohio tracks, one of the first railroads in the USA dating from the 1830s. As still one of the major east-west railroad routes, the train of empty auto racks trailing behind is bound for refilling at the car plants somewhere out west.

Yellow Fall leaves of sugar maples above a double railroad track perspective at Myersdale PA.
Yellow Fall leaves of sugar maples above a double railroad track perspective at Meyersdale PA. Quality prints start at $29.

This picture was taken standing on a bridge in the town of Meyersdale PA along the southern tier of the state. I was busy taking a shot off the other side of the bridge when I heard the whistle of this approaching CSX freight train, so I went to the other side to find it coming around the curve in the distance.

Here’s the other picture off the bridge called Light Tunnel #13707 taken just before the train arrived, looking westbound…a long track perspective with lots more of those wonderful golden sugar maple leaves!

As an aside, Myersdale PA holds the annual Pennsylvania Maple Festival every April where you can find many hometown events, a parade, and of course, lots of things made from maple sugar!

Location: Meyersdale PA, Somerset County. Picture and story ©  Andrew Dierks

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