Depth Perception #09230

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The Story

I have a thing for angels. In particular, angels as cemetery sculptures. While exploring a small cemetery for angel sculptures to photograph, I came across this peaceful little koi pond with a stone bench beside it. It was a pleasant and simple spot for contemplation on a beautiful summer day, small, restful and serene, just as someone had planned for a casual passerby to stop. This reflecting pond filled with reflected clouds and lily pads was a great place of deep tranquility. Obviously, it was time to capture a little bit of serenity.

Being a beautiful summer day, the azure blue sky and white clouds above reflected across the smooth water. With that as a background, small green lily pads about to bloom were afloat on the surface and sharp-leaved water plants poked through above them. Going solo, a lone goldfish paddled through underneath.

All people enjoy the serenity and peacefulness of water. It can fall or flow, trickle or run, or simply be still as it is here. When we need serenity or tranquility, back to nature and water is often where we go. In a parallel way, water level is also an emotional level for settling our minds and spirits.

I haven’t any doubt that water is good for the inside of man in more ways than one.

Can’t think of what someone who was born and raised in an arid or desert land would do. There would have to be another way.

Always enjoying natural things, I like this combination of the azure blue sky and green plants together. The plants also make an interesting blend of soft and hard shapes at once. You could imagine this picture as a small slice of the entire world, all the way from the top to bottom all in one shot…the reflected clouds above to the goldfish swimming peacefully at home.

Location: near Irwin, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks

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