Desi Rides Again #15334

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The Story

Along with her pet blackbird named Midnite, Desi is about to saddle up and go horseback riding on a beautiful day at the Circling The Drain Ranch, known as the Circle D for short. This skeleton spook enjoyed many things in her previous life including horseback riding, so why stop now? There’s nothing quite like feeling the breeze through your hair when horseback riding. Being a skeleton these days, she can also enjoy that refreshing breeze blowing completely through her inner self.

Horseback riding is fun and can be very invigorating despite having little left to invigorate, as it were. No matter, any time to ride is a good time, and there’s some practice needed today before riding in the big upcoming Halloween Parade in Afterlife. Desi is part of the Rickety Trails Horse Riding Team and the annual parade is certainly the highlight of both the equine and skeleton year.

Today, Desmerelda and her horse will take a few laps of trail riding through the woods around the ranch with Midnite perched on her shoulder. Maybe her friend the Headless Horseman will be there to go with her. With the old boy being headless, there isn’t much to talk about but they surely enjoy sharing horseback riding time together.

Afterward, there will be some ring work with her horse while trying to finalize some show steps and other equine moves. However, having the horse stay focused and pay attention with that large round bale of new hay opened up in the background might be hard.

After an afternoon, it will be back into the barn for some grooming of both horse and rider. A day spent with her horse is always a good time for any horse enthusiast, and you can bet it never goes out of style in this world or the next.

Location: Circle D Ranch near the Town of Afterlife. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks

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