Don’t Go Away Mad #14496

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The Story

A wide green swath made from a flying gallon of paint has left its mark on this bedroom door; this is interior vandalism at its finest. I found the lid-less gallon paint tin off to the side. There were some toys scattered on the floor in this upstairs bedroom of a ghost town house. One toy was this little white bear laying in front of the door. It had clearly lost the little girl who once upon a time loved it.

To me, this composition shot-as-found seemed like a strong statement about being alone in a harsh world. Of course, I had to create an image to grab some of that raw emotion. This one is admittedly a little wrenching, but it is also unique and different. There is a strong story here, open to interpretation. Please, go right ahead. What does it say to you?

Location: an abandoned ghost town, rural Armstrong County, Pennsylvania.

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