Double Parked #14861

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The Story

In this one-of-a-kind junkyard, unusual scenes like this are everywhere. Aside from the obvious airplane nose and wings set on top of old school buses, lots of metal rubbish lies around in the accumulated leaves. Those buses are packed full of whatever too. Over the years, trees have grown up all through the place into woods. It serves proof you can’t keep Mother Nature down, or out of your junk collection.

Clearly rough around all the edges, this place is a combination airplane graveyard and scrap metal yard. Junk of every description was stacked up everywhere due to limited space. Big things were stacked high, but a plethora of metal odds and ends were scattered among those stacks. In this picture, there’s an old bathroom sink, pieces of aluminum window frames, and lots of loose metal pieces. Who knows what else!

Being near Fort Dix and other airfields meant this metal yard had access to anything with wings that was being cast out or sold off. There was even a Vietnam-era Huey helicopter here along with entire jet fighter planes. In other places, old jet engines by themselves were piled high.

All those large airplanes had to be cut up to be trucked here. The dismembered nose and cockpit in this picture appear to have been an air cargo transport plane, likely not military with that paint job, but who knows where it came from? Now it’s the king of the hill where being one doesn’t really matter, it’s just part of this weird landscape slash boneyard. I swear, this guy never gets rid of anything. This airplane graveyard picture can make a great decorating item for any man cave with some chest hair.

Walking through this surreal place with a camera gave me plenty of opportunity to gather some striking yet appealing pictures. All of them are very unusual, but they’re all their own. I’ve grouped the images with airplane parts into this interesting Airplane Graveyard gallery. However, there were lots of other interesting old cars and trucks here that made their way into other junkyard galleries on this site such as Doing Time #14882.

Location: near Atco, Camden County, New Jersey. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks

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