Down To The Wire #12376

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The Story

Striding into the full morning sun with faces lit, these horses in snow move together as one. This white stallion and bay mare are striding quickly through fourteen inches of powder snow that fell overnight. The light snow lifts and flies with every hoof fall, adding to the winter beauty of this special moment.

This horse pair had been in the barn since midday the day before when the storm rolled in, so they’re excited to be out in the morning’s fresh snowfall. Not surprisingly, most horses enjoy snow just as most people do. It’s always fun for man or beast. You can easily feel and see their excitement and joy and it’s wonderful to simply watch them go.

We had these two Arabian horses in a small paddock and they moved together side by side along the edges of it. Being a bonded pair and barn mates, they naturally stayed close as a shadow. Following along the fence wire, they cut fresh tracks with every round. The bay mare shows some of the natural Arabian poise as her mane lifts and flies in the wind.

Occasionally, they’d stop. One of those moments is when the picture Horse Kiss #12374 was taken. Standing with faces touching, the picture shows some of the affection these two held for each other.

Eventually, a few seasons later, a little filly was born to these two horses. Like her parents, she’s a snow-loving horse which is easily seen in the picture Allegra #14370. That girl can fly despite there being 28″ of snow on that winter day!

Location: Willow Hill, Franklin County, Pennsylvania. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks

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