Elegance in White #14371

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The Story

This Arabian mare had been circling the small paddock while enjoying herself ripping up the 20” of fresh powder snow. She would make a fast circuit around to quick-stop in the corner for a moment, standing with head at full height giving a loud snort and making big steam clouds from her breath…the horse version of gusto, and thrilling to see! Ready to go around again in a moment, she would begin a slow walking roll-out from the corner right toward me, and that’s when this image was taken. I love all horses, even the sad sacks and scruffy ones, but this rose gray mare is one of the most beautiful I’ve worked with. This is a nice portrait that shows her natural elegance and built-in poise very well, and the shot could even be called feminine. She’s a horsey “ten” if there ever was one. She is the daughter of the white stallion seen elsewhere in my work, and her name is Allegra.

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